Aleksandar Zabunovic

About Us.

We are Milica and Aleksandar, the creative force behind the brand. Our family of four is our ultimate inspiration as well as our crazy love of fashion design.


We established our brand in 2012 and presented our first collection for the fall/winter season. This first collection had a very positive response with our customers and it gave us the support to continue developing our brand. Since this first collection, we have presented 2 collections a year.


The first couple of years our focus was on read-to-wear but we always wanted to do more so we played around with couture designs. Our line is very feminine and stylish and we try our best to make our customers feel empowered and fabulous.


Since 2018 we have decided to become a premium brand and focus more on cocktail and evening wear. Using the finest fabrics with intricate embellishments we decided to focus on unique pieces for special occasions.

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